Call for papers

We invite researchers, senior and junior scholars, and PhD candidates, to send us their proposal for papers. We encourage the submission of abstracts about topics such as Identities, Boundaries and Social Divisions by:

  • gender, race, ages, social classes, social stratification: borders in human groups
  • mobility, migrations, social integration: geographical borders
  • welfare policies, social work, social services: borders in policies
  • Europe, Brexit and European Union: borders in Europe
  • conflicts, violence and war: borders in international relations
  • poverty, vulnerability, discomfort: borders in accessing resources
  • populism, right, left: borders in politics
  • religions, radicalization processes, secularization: borders in religions
  • Social networks, technology and world wide web: borders and digital divide
  • bureaucratization and power: borders in social and public institutions
  • pollution and climate change: borders in environment

We accept both theoretical and methodological proposals: we’re interested in any aspects of symbolic interactionism. We also encourage sending abstracts related to Symbolic Interactionism or Grounded Theory, which may not fit directly into the conference theme but nonethless promote fresh thinking and reflection.


  • Identity
  • Human groups
  • Deviance
  • Stigma
  • Relations and interactions
  • Communication and Social Media
  • Social Justice
  • Social Policies
  • Social Work
  • Ethnography, Grounded Theory
  • Interaction
  • Culture
  • Symbols
  • Politics

Proposals should contain:

  1. Title of the abstract/paper
  2. Contact information for abstract/paper author(s) (name, institution, email)
  3. Abstract (maximum 500 words)
  4. Keywords (max 3)

All presenters must be SSSI members

Joining Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI):

Astracts will be organized in thematic sessions – max 5 papers per session, each session will be 2:00 hours at maximum

Proposals have to be sent both to Andrea Salvini ( and Irene Psaroudakis (